Update on Hypothyroidism/ Hashimoto’s.

It’s been a while since I last posted about dealing with Hypothyroidism and the impact it has on me. Recently, I had an appointment with my doctor and it seems the medication I’ve been taking has been helping my TSH levels. I’m currently taking levothyroxine 100mg. Since it had been a while my doctor had bloodwork run on me. My levels are now at 2.58. It has been a very big journey. Although I’m still dealing with all of the symptoms, little is done to help me out. I still have the symptoms of cold/hot tolerance, issues with certain foods, sleeping problems, fatigue, muscle aches and pains ,hair loss, my weight is going on a roller coaster ride, and I’m always getting sick frequently. According to my endocrinologist, I didn’t need to come back to see her because everything was fine. When my primary doctor checked the test results from that time, she told me it was still high And that is why I needed to do bloodwork incase my medication needed to be adjusted. It seems that the doctors are only concerned with dealing with the TSH levels only and not the mental, physical and emotional impacts that hypothesis has on its patients. I felt like it was a record on replay of me complaining about my symptoms and the doctors basically ignoring it.

I have recently found out that I also have PCOS and am currently on a pill form or birth control to regulate my period. This could have contributed to some of the symptoms I’m still dealing with. When getting the news of being diagnosed with PCOS, the doctor seemed unfazed as to not really caring how she broke it down to me. Everything was textbook. I left the doctors office in tears and feeling like I didn’t know what to do. I had numerous things going on with me and felt like no one was really listening to me. Dealing with Hypothyroidism and PCOS is very Challenging for me but with the support system of loved ones that I have has made it easier.

Knowing that I have these health issues, I know I needed to make a change in my lifestyle and diet. I have changed my diet completely to no dairy and no gluten. I eat as many fruit and vegetables as I can daily. I workout three times a week at home and drink only water and tea. I have lost 10 lbs from January to no March. I plan to continue this diet as it seems to work for me. I also plan on looking for another endocrinologist who will give me a different perspective and who can help me with my symptoms. If anyone is dealing with the same thing or you know of someone of is also dealing with this and has success or any tips, please feel free to comments down below or send me a message.

Peace and Love Always.

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