Things to Do While in Quarantine.


Hello and happy Saturday! I hope you are all staying safe at this time. With the Coronavirus making people sick, not being able to work, and also making social distancing a thing, most of us are in quarantine or just staying home to be safe. Now being that I’m a total introvert and going out isn’t my thing, I tend to make do and have tons of hobbies/ projects to keep myself busy. I know that being at home for a long period of time can drive some of us crazy with boredom, but there are some things I do to help make this time better. Please feel free to comment and share your favorite shows, podcasts, youtubers, and things to do.

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  1. Catching up on all those shows, podcasts, YouTube videos that you’ve missed because you’ve had no time. Some shows, podcasts, YouTubers I watch are:

  • On My Block 
  • The Walking Dead
  • You
  • Grey’s Anatomy
  • All American
  • Kingdom
  • Stranger Things
  • Supernatural
  • Locke & Key
  • The Haunting of Hill House
  • Sabrina
  • I Am Not Okay With This
  • Bob’s Burgers
  • The Vampire Diaries
  • Teen Wolf
  • Black Summer
  • American Horror Story

If you didn’t know about Netflix party, download it on google chrome extensions to watch movies and shows with your family and friends together. it will be like you’re all in the same room! If you have any show suggestions, please feel free to comment below.

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  • We’re The Ladies 
  • Directionally Challenged 
  • Alice Isn’t Dead
  • The Dark Verse
  • The NoSleep Podcast
  • Pseudopod
  • Serial 
  • Up and Vanished
  • My Favorite Murder
  • Ten Things That Scare Me
  • The Murder Squad
  • Adulting
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  • Hollow
  • Markiplier
  • MrCreepyPasta
  • Carli Bybel
  • Jackie Aina
  • Kyrah Stewart
  • Deepica Mutyala
  • The Edwards Family
  • Arshia Moorjani
  • Avantegardevegan
  • PickupLimes
  • AnchalMUA
  • Milena Ciciotti
  • Tess Christine
  • Nicole Guerriero
  • Llama Arts
  • The Paranormal Files
  • Desi Perkins

These are all just some that come off the top of my head, please feel free to comment more down below.


2. Call a friend, facetime, text all your friends and family and check up on them. It’s good to keep in contact with the ones you love and care about. 



3. Workout at home. For all the gym junkies out there, there are so many workouts you can do at home: pushups, planks, squats, sit-ups, you can even look up videos online to show you what kind of workouts to do all in the comfort of your home. Maybe even taking up yoga (which is my favorite) can be a thing now that you have time to spare. 


4. Cooking. (My favorite thing to do) I love trying out new food and recipes. I’m always looking up recipes online or reinventing recipes I know. I’m trying little by little to go vegetarian and then vegan. It’s mainly for me trying to be the healthiest I can and help the animals. I don’t prefer eating meat as a necessity and I can do without it. Some recipes I look up are on:


  • Allrecipes
  • Pickup Limes, Avantegardevegan, yovana, bingingwithbabish, Tasty, Bon Appetit, Food Wishes on YouTube
  • FoodNetwork 
  • TheKitchn

5. Most importantly, SELF-CARE. There are a lot of us who don’t do self-care and practicing self-care isn’t a easy thing to do. We all have busy lives, jobs that are super demanding, and tend to leave self-care as the last priority. With the quarantine and everyone at home, this is the perfect time for self-care. Some things I like to do for Self-care is :


  • Take a long bath with Epsom salts, a bath bomb or a bubble bath.
  • Listen to music you love.
  • Write or journal.
  • Meditate for at least 5 minutes.
  • Catch up on those Zzz’s.
  • Use a diffuser with your favorite essential oils, burn a candle with your favorite scent.
  • Do some yoga.
  • De-cluttering/ Spring cleaning, helps me release stress.
  • DO what makes you happy and what gives you comfort. 

Peace and Love Always. 







A Little About Me.

My name is Jeniffer, but I go by Jena. I’m a New Yorker born and raised. I’m a substitute teacher and a Psych major. Helping others is what I like to do. I am someone who is dealing with Hypothyroidism, Hashimoto’s, and PCOS, so I’m always looking for ways to get healthier and to feel better mentally and physically. If you care about horoscopes, mbti and all that other stuff as much as me:  I’m a Taurus (sun in Taurus, moon in Scorpio, ascendant in Cancer), INFJ. I’m a very open and spiritual person. I’m of Guyanese descent, don’t know if I’m mixed with anything. Horror, Crime, Thriller movies/tv shows are my thing. I enjoy cooking and finding new recipes and new ways to recreate recipes. This is all starting to sound like a dating profile so I will stop here (LOL).

Peace and Love Always. ✌

Update on Hypothyroidism/ Hashimoto’s.

It’s been a while since I last posted about dealing with Hypothyroidism and the impact it has on me. Recently, I had an appointment with my doctor and it seems the medication I’ve been taking has been helping my TSH levels. I’m currently taking levothyroxine 100mg. Since it had been a while my doctor had bloodwork run on me. My levels are now at 2.58. It has been a very big journey. Although I’m still dealing with all of the symptoms, little is done to help me out. I still have the symptoms of cold/hot tolerance, issues with certain foods, sleeping problems, fatigue, muscle aches and pains ,hair loss, my weight is going on a roller coaster ride, and I’m always getting sick frequently. According to my endocrinologist, I didn’t need to come back to see her because everything was fine. When my primary doctor checked the test results from that time, she told me it was still high And that is why I needed to do bloodwork incase my medication needed to be adjusted. It seems that the doctors are only concerned with dealing with the TSH levels only and not the mental, physical and emotional impacts that hypothesis has on its patients. I felt like it was a record on replay of me complaining about my symptoms and the doctors basically ignoring it.

I have recently found out that I also have PCOS and am currently on a pill form or birth control to regulate my period. This could have contributed to some of the symptoms I’m still dealing with. When getting the news of being diagnosed with PCOS, the doctor seemed unfazed as to not really caring how she broke it down to me. Everything was textbook. I left the doctors office in tears and feeling like I didn’t know what to do. I had numerous things going on with me and felt like no one was really listening to me. Dealing with Hypothyroidism and PCOS is very Challenging for me but with the support system of loved ones that I have has made it easier.

Knowing that I have these health issues, I know I needed to make a change in my lifestyle and diet. I have changed my diet completely to no dairy and no gluten. I eat as many fruit and vegetables as I can daily. I workout three times a week at home and drink only water and tea. I have lost 10 lbs from January to no March. I plan to continue this diet as it seems to work for me. I also plan on looking for another endocrinologist who will give me a different perspective and who can help me with my symptoms. If anyone is dealing with the same thing or you know of someone of is also dealing with this and has success or any tips, please feel free to comments down below or send me a message.

Peace and Love Always.

My Ongoing Journey with Hypothyroidism / Hashimoto’s.

How’s it going y’all?! This post is going to be about my experience dealing with hypothyroidism. It has been a long journey and I’m going to share it with you in hopes that I reach out to others that are dealing with this problem and for those who want to understand what it’s like for someone who is dealing with this disease.

As far back as I can remember, when I was in college and everything was going great. I was doing well, I had a job, and I loved the direction that my life was in. I can still remember the time when I had a bad reaction to a soup I had in school, it was a broccoli and cheddar soup. I remember the bad pain I got in my stomach. Now this is weird. I’ve never been allergic to anything in my life as far as I’ve known, and it wasn’t broccoli or cheese. The pain was so bad that I wouldn’t dare walk. it felt like someone was squeezing my insides. I immediately told my mother when I got home. I think that’s what we all kind of do. It like an instinct to go to our mothers when something is wrong because they always have a remedy for whenever you’re not feeling well. My mother tells me that maybe the food wasn’t good, or I had food poisoning. I’ve always eaten this soup and had no issues with it, so I figured she was right. When I felt better, I went back to my classes. I started noticing that I had stomach pains in the morning before my classes. It would be to a point where I felt completely sick and I can’t even say how many times I ran to the bathroom and threw up. I knew something was wrong. I began missing classes because it was so bad. It was so bad that I missed a week of classes and I felt like my world was spinning. I emailed my professors and tried my hardest to keep up with just the power points and textbooks. I managed to get through midterms. After that ordeal, I made an appointment with my doctor. The doctors asked me questions and didn’t have any tests run. They basically told me that I might be lactose intolerant and to cut off dairy products. They said I was perfectly fine. I didn’t feel fine.

Weeks go by and I don’t feel better even though I cut out dairy products. I felt tired all the time even though I got enough sleep. My joints were achy, my hair was falling out more than usual whenever I combed it or washed it, and I had gained a noticeable amount of weight which made no sense. I was a very active person, I was always moving around and worked out almost every day. I was also inline skating almost every day as well. My diet was great. I hardly ate any junk food and I mostly ate tons of veggies. I continually made appointments and went to the doctor to be told the same thing and to be more active, to eat healthier. They ran blood tests and couldn’t find anything wrong. By that time, I have gained even more weight. I felt like the doctors weren’t listening to me. I knew within my heart that something was wrong. My body felt like it wasn’t mine and I didn’t have control of it. I started noticing that I was always feeling cold when everyone else was fine. I was always bundled up. I slept with two comforters. I wasn’t happy anymore, I managed to pass one of the two classes I was taking but failed one because I missed a lot of days even though I did all the work and passed all the tests with flying colors. This took a toll on me, I was so stressed out and I felt depressed.

As the summer went by, I wasn’t feeling any better. The fall semester was approaching, and I wanted to do better this time around. I wanted to retake the class I failed and do better. My job was getting harder for me. I also missed days of work and I used up all my sick days. I felt exhausted 24/7. My once strong nails were getting brittle. My skin was drier than ever, my face was so puffy, and I still had the bad stomach pains. I felt so weak. I ended up not doing so well because I missed days of school and work. I lost my job and couldn’t go back to my classes. I was distraught. My whole life was going up in flames and I couldn’t do anything about it. I decided to switch hospitals and go to one that was much closer to me. The one I used to go to be all the way downtown and being that this one was closer to me it was more convenient. I explained everything to the doctor I saw there, and he immediately started asking questions to which I responded yes to and I told him everything about how I was feeling, and he said, “it sounds like you have hypothyroidism, but we will run some blood work and see what comes up”. I just give him a look like wait what, what’s that? And he begins to explain. Hypothyroidism is when you have an underactive thyroid and your thyroid doesn’t make enough hormones for your body to run properly. I had all the symptoms, fatigue, sensitivity to cold, dry skin, brittle nails, hair loss, puffy face, unexplained weight gain, muscles aches, joint pain, brain fog. I was mentally checking them off in my head.

After the blood work was done, I came back a week later to see what my blood tests showed. Just as the doctor assumed, Hypothyroidism. I finally knew what was wrong with me and now I can be helped. If I hadn’t changed hospitals, I would have never known, and it probably would have gotten worse. My TSH levels were at 22. My doctor immediately put me on Levothyroxine 25 mcg. He explained that they always start patients on this dose and gradually add depending on the blood work and my TSH levels. During the past year, I have had increasing problems and have gained more weight, I honestly am still struggling with the symptoms more now, but I am hoping that I get better. My new doctor now, has changed my prescription to Levothyroxine 100 mcg and she says this should help me feel better. My TSH levels are now at 7.5, which she explains is still too high. I have been dieting with a gluten-free, lactose free diet working out every other day, and I still see no changes yet. I am not going to let this illness defeat me.